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Welcome to our Newsletter page

Here you will find newsletter from the current (2019 – current year) and original Nova Scotia Underwater Councils starting from 1989. The newsletters are organized by year:  We were fortunate enough to obtain hard copies from the original council so we scanned them and archived them here for all to peruse the history of the NSUC.


1. David Pate memoriam

2. Dive Community Events

3. Chameleons of the Deep

4. An Oldie but Not a Goodie (Al-6351-T6 cylinders)

5. From the Bookshelf

1. What have we been up to?

2. Don Walsh memoriam

3. Dive Community Events

4. Nova Scotia – Canada’s Ocean Playground (Coastal Access Project)

5. Marine Animal Response Society (MARS)

6. The Squid and the Snorkeller

1. What Have We Been Up To?

2. Dive Community Events

3. HMHS Letitia – A Local Connection

1. Reminders and Upcoming Events

2. Dive Charter Tips

3. What the Heck was That Thing??? (marine life ID books)

4. Freediving – The Misunderstood Sport

5. Tracking the European Sea Squirt

6. CPAWS’ First Community Biodiversity Dive

1. Jane Biggs Award

2. NSUC Presents Ocean’s Week Celebration

3. Courses, Courses, Everywhere a Course

4. Who Ya Gonna Call?

5. In the News

1. Hard Water (Ice diving)

2. SCUBA Pages (Facebook dive groups)

3. Rules for Harbour Diving

4. Bits and Pieces

5. Stairway to Water (Pelagia noctiluca)

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2022 - November

1. Shorelines Need Love, Too

2. Is There Anybody Down There?

3. Paddy’s Head Never Disappoints

4. The Great Nova Scotia Seahorse Hunt

5. We Have a New Website!

1. Underwater Park

2. Artificial Reef Project

3. AGM/Jane Biggs Award

4. Membership

1. Artificial Reef Project

2. Underwater Park

3. Jane Biggs Award

4. Membership

5. Tales from the Dive Site

1. Vanishing Dive Sites

2. Tunicates

1. Wreck of the Celebre

2.In memoriam:  Jim Johnson, Dave McGee

4. Woody's Story -  marine park story and history of Woody, a wooden dolphin

5. The Northern Moon Snail

6. Free Diving across Canada: A call to Maritime Free divers

1. Saving Lighthouses

2. Registry of Dive Injuries

3. Marine Heritage Vision Project

4.  NAUI Atlantic Canada Annual Meeting highligts

5. Sea Hunt 1999 (like a treasure hunt)

6. Halifax International Boat Show - NSUC exhibit

1. Pleasure Craft Operator Card - updates to boating regs and new rqmts

2. Under the Sea -  write up and pics of exhibit at boat show

3. UN proposing regulations on historic shipwrecks  (reprint from 1998 British Diver Magazine)

4. Marine Protect Areas

1. Shipwreck, Marine Arch, the law

2. NAUI Atlantic Regional Meeting

3. Christmas Tradition gone seafood?

4. The Mary Rose - shipwreck

5. Northern Adventures - dive site story

6. Shipwrecks (reprint from British Diver Magazine)

7. Shipwreck Photo Exhibit

1. 18th Annual Treasure Hunt

2. Shipwreck Photo Exhibit (contest)

3. 6th Annual Go For Gold by Nervous Wrecks Dive Club

4. Diver Evacuation Seminar - hyperbaric chamber

5. Sinking of Matthew Atlantic in Port Mouton

6. Dive Site Concerns at Paddy's Head and Prospect - etiquette/advice, mentions PR Work

1. S.S. Atlantic

2. Shipwrecks Treaty Underway

3. Air Station Regulations

4. Dive Charter Regulations

5. News from the Council

1. NS Marine Tourism Study: Scuba diving
2. Diver Evacuation Workshop
3. The Good old days (about 'Maritime Diving News' magazine

4. News from the Clubs - featured club:  The Nervous Wrecks (Roland Lewis)

1. Nova Scotia Underwater Council Under the Sea Exhibit

2. Nova Scotia Hyperbaric Medicine Unit

3. Posturing an Injured Diver for Pre-hospital Care and Transport

4. Membership survery results

5. NSUC Treasure Hunt

6. Message from the Lunenburg Marine Park

7. Access to South Shore Scallop Fishery Possible

1. NSUC Treasure Hunt winners go to Barbadoes

2. Scallop Research program

3. Underwater Life From Land to Sea (video promotion)

4. Point-au-Pere Lighthouse National Historic site

5. Battle of the Restigouche site in NB

1. Divers are the Ocean's Ambassadors - some stuff about cousteau

2. Shipwrecks, marine archeology and the law

3. Whale's Back-Deep Cove, Lunenburg - dive site article

4. When is recompression necessary?

5. News from the 'Scallop Wars' - regarding DFO discussions on Scallop Fishery Area 29 (Pennant Point - Halifax)

6. New Legislation for private property

1. Nova Scotia Marine Park System
2. Harvesting Scallops on SCUBA - closure of scallop harvest
3. NSUC treasure hunt - pics and story

4. CPR course free to NSUC Members

Cape Breton Edition

1. Get to Know Your Buddy

2. Polar Bear Swim

3. Never Have a Bad Dive again - Reasons and fixes for avoiding bad dives

4. A Cape Breton Dive Story (dive sites)

5. Underground  (cave diving)

6. Gary Gentile:  A Biographical Sketch

7. Advanced Wreck Diving Techniques

8. Diving the Lusitania Seminar

9. Hi-tech Diving Workshop

South Shore Feature

1. Diving along the South Shore

2. SCUBA accident workshop

3. Schooner Tours and Salty Dog Dive Vacations  - South Shore dive excursions

4. Deep Diving

6. Short of Breath on the South Shore  - air fills at fire depts South Shore dive sites

7. Demise of the Inshore Fishery Threatens NS Toursism

8. News from Lunenburg Marine Park  

1. What the NSUC Does for you

2. Dive Travel (Stephen Thorne, Canadian Press)

3. Deserts in the Carribean?  You Bet - Aruba and Bonaire Pt 2

1. Admiral sets new record at Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic

2. FDUA Divers to Clear More Unexploded Ammunition from Bedford Wharf Site

3. SCUBA Tank Quiz

4. Deserts in the Caribbean?  You Bet.  Aruba and Bonaire (Part 1)

5. Implant Explodes (British Diver Magazine April 1994 debunking a story in the National Enquirer)

6. Accident Report (Brockville, ON)

7. Shattering the Myth of Aspirin and Diving

1. Underwater Canada '95

2. Letter to the Editor  (2 from Jane Biggs)

3. NITROX - What about it? The Facts!!

4. Wreck Diving

5. Diving the Atlantic

6. SCUBA Cylinder quiz

7. News from the Lunenburg Marine Park and the HMCS Saguenay

1. Letters to the Editor

2. Safe SCUBA Diving practices

1. Safety Recall - U.S. Divers Arctic Regulator Recall

2. Diving Doc Peter Wilmshurst - Smoking Risk

3.  News from the Lunenburg Marine Park and the HMCS Saguenay

1. HMCS Saguenay - (watching the sinking)

2. Diving the Saguenay

3. Safe Boat Diving Practices

4. Eastern Passage Clean-up

1. Press Release (various bits of news)

2. Daniel Steinman

3. Response from Halifax Port Corporation regarding permission to dive the harbour

4. Cape Breton Invades Cuba

1. A.W. Perry:  History of ship and wreck; diving info

2. Proposed Amendments to NSUC constitution

3. Shark Trivia - Six shark facts (E.g.:  More likely to be attacked by a pig than a shark)

4. Divemasters Club - revivial of a Sydney dive club - just a paragraph about a meeting, elected an executive and debated becoming member of NSUC.

5. Photo copy of  newspaper article about a Charity Dive at Hubbards, raising 1500 for Children's Wish

1. SS Atlantic: Story of her sinking.  2.5 pages (Colin Frazee-Whitelock.

2. The South Shore Maring Park Society - small article about the upcoming sinking of the Saguenay

3. Report of the President - as presented at the NSUC AGM on May 15, 1993

1. Press Release (various bits of news)

2. The Aqualantics Storm Sambro Island (Grant MacLeod)

3. H.M.S La Tribune (Colin Frazee-Whitelock)

4. Sea Hunt 1993 (Roland Lewis)

5. Extract from a Speech in the Legislature by Finance Minister regarding proposed recreational tax

1. Press Release

2. Sea Hunt (Roland Lewis)

3. At What Depth will an Air Bubble Form (Trevor Kenchington)

1. Press Release (various bits of news)

2. Unprotected

3. Aims and Objectives of the Nova Scotia Underwater Council

4. Jaws Tamed (Gilbert van Ryckevorsel)

1. The Aqualantics Dive Florida

2. Wall diving on Cuba's South Coast

3. Diabetes - Part 2

4. Cape Breton Area Report

5. SCUBA, 1943-1993

6. Wreck of the Steamer 'Humboldt (song lyrics by Anonymous)

7. Artificial Reef Society Formed

1. 12th Annual Sea Hunt report

2. Answering the critics

3. Editorial Notes - Diving Sites, Rest in Peace notice

4. Sport Divers Logbook

5. Depth of Field and f-stops or….

6. Insulin and its role in diabetes:  Part 1

7. Night Fright: The Blue Grotto, Malta

1. Underwater Archaeology Courses

2. Editorial:  Positive Thinking

3. Aqualantics Update - June 1992

4. Balancing Light

5. Oxygen Training Mandatory, CEU program adopted by instructors

6. Diving in the Niagra Area

1. Weird and Wacky Water Sports - Kids Water polo, Golf, Snorkelling.....

2. ScubaFest '92

3. Dive Club News - Aqualantic Update, April 1992

4. Measuring Light - phtography

5. Lunenburg Dive News: U/W Park for Lunenburg?

6. Useful Tips and Knowledge - Swimming Rescue, Reach, Throw, Wade, Row, Swim and Tow

1. Diving Nova Scotia - The Deliverance

2. SCUBA Fest 92 - Diving Expo

3. Editorial - Errors and Standards

4. A Positive Look at Film

5. Incident Prevention

6. Scuba Fest '92:  U/W Extravaganza

1. Diving Nova Scotia: Halifax Harbour Wrecks

2. Editorial - Fatalities and Agencies

3. Let There be Light

4. Aqualantics Scuba Club Year end Report/Who are the Aqualantics?

5 A History of U.S. Divers

1. Diving Nova Scotia - Ice Diving

2. Guest Editorial - Diving Fatalities

3. Nova Divemasters Resurface - meeting to discuss revival of Nova Divemasters.

4. Underwater Photo Techniques - The Nikonos Family

5. Sherwood Sea Hunt 1991: A Canadian Diving Record?

6. Achievements of the NSUC AGM

1. Diving Nova Scotia:  1991 Sherwood Sea Hunt

2. Achievements of the NSUC

3. Roger Aggett Award

4. Backbiting - Someone in local dive industry disses training agencies to improve potential sales

5. Diving Doha, eh?

6. Government of Canada Documents:  Archaeological Heritage Policy Framework

7. The budding Diver

1. Diving N.S. Tropical Tourists in Canada

2. News In Brief:  Dive Mag publishes new tabloid, Life Technologies, Scallop Licensing, Special Places Protection Act

3. Peggy's Cove Goes to Tape

4. Towards a Centre for Outdoor Recreation Services

5. Semple's Summer List Photo Competitions

1. Ice Diving

2. Undewater Photographic Techniques - What Camera Should I Buy?

3. The Health Diver

4. Diving New Brunswick's Atlas Park

1. Diving Nova Scotia - Costa Rican Trader

2. "Security" imposed on sport scuba divers - diving in HFX harbour prohibited due to Gulf War and Canada's participition

3. Editor's Note -- Professionalism and what is it?

4. AquaAtlantics dive club report

5. Highlights from Canadian Federation from Underwater Activities (CFUA) meeting

6. Underwater Photographic Techniques - Starting underwater photography

7. 1990 In Review

8. Divng the Lesser Known Parts of the Red Sea

9. The Healthy Diver

1. Diving Nova Scotia (winter diving)

2. NSGEU member saves US SCUBA diver

3. Underwater Photography Techniques (Visibility - Blame it on the Rain)

4. "my first wrecker dive"  Australia's mystery ship)

1. Seahunt Success - like a treasure hunt?

2.Diving Nova Scotia -Beaver Habour Wharf Dive

3. Reader's Letter/Editor's Comment

4. News In Brief - UW Lumberjacks, Nava Divers Rx Awards, Ocean Alternatives, Subsea Horizons Update, Product Recall

5. Commercial Members in Profile:  Northern Shore Diving Centre

6. Underwater Photographic Techniques - A Time to Reflect

7. The Wreck of the Atlantic

1. Dive Nova Scotia:  Sea Hunt info

2. Nova Scotia's Shipwrecks:  The Humbolt

3. Aqua Dive in Profile - Andy Desrochers

4. Diving Nova Scotia's Red Sea (Northumberland Strait)

5. Underwater Photographic Techniques - "That fish must have been 6 feet long!"

6. Hawaii - A plethora of sea-life

7. Snorkelling - some common sense precautions

8. The joy of snorkelling

1. Halifax Harbour Cleanup?

2. Diving Legislation Pending  (underwater diving operations)

3. Kerplunk - She's really sunk  (Costa Rican Trader)

4. The Letitia - and then some

5. News in Brief and comment (lots of small news briefs)

6. My Photo's got the blues

7. Diving the Great Barrier Reef

1. Meeting of Outdoor Association Presidents NS Report.

2. Diving in Grand Bahama Island

3. Metro Food Bank Society

1. Pics of Dive Signals spread throughout

2. Subsea Horizon's 1990 and registration:  seems like an educational thing

3. Letter from Hfx Harbour Port Corporation regarding permission to dive in Halifax Harbour

4. Oceanic USA Buoyancy Compensator Retainer Parts Quality alert

5. Some article some awards dinner

6. Underwater Hockey article

7. Diver Etiquette, safe diving, safe boat diving

8. NSUC Bylaws

1. Letter from Coca Cola SEAHUNT classic Coordinator:  List of prizes and donators, staff, winners, etc.

2. Nova Scotia Dive Club Safety Program:  description and registration form

3. Memo:  Halifax Harbour Task Force

4. Letter from Viking:  Re: donations from viking

5. Proposal for Underwater Statue - one was installed in BC, wanted to install one here.

6.  A few pages of dive related drawings by school children.

7.  Pumpkin Carving contest info, pics of UW pumpking carving

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