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NOTE:  Please consult the official document on the Port Authority page for the most up to date information.  Their contact number is  902 426 9750.

All diving operations within the jurisdiction of the HPA, including contracted diving at port facilities and/or for vessels, must be pre-approved by the HPA. Authorization is to be sought from the POC via Port Control.

 For recreational divers, authorizations are required for any dives taking place from the most southern point of McNabs’ Island and inwards as shown on the map below.

Note:  The Halifax Port Authority Information Guide is periodically updated.  For the most up to date information regarding rules for diving in Halifax harbour please refer to the official guide by following the link provided on the Port of Halifax Port Information Guide Page.

For clarification regarding authorizations, any users diving within the Halifax Harbour once or twice total, (for example someone visiting from out of town) the request can be sent to

You can request a new account to access the site by using this form:

 Divers who will complete dives approximately 2-3 times a year, but recurring on an annual basis, should request a Port Control login and submit requests through the system. If you do not have access to Port Control, please send a general inquiry email to

 For operation requests such as this, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice. Exceptions may be granted in a bona-fide emergency.

 If MCTS receives a report from anyone, other than military sources, reporting diving operations that are not pre-approved, they shall be informed to contact the HPA for approval ASAP. KHM shall report all DND diving operations to MCTS, who will then advise other vessels within the port as necessary.

 It is the responsibility of the divers/diving company and the facility and/or vessel involved to ensure that MCTS and HPA are informed when diving operations commence and are completed.

The contact number is  902 426 9750

How to Submit a Request

How to submit a request

1. Go to the HPA Port Control page:

2. Login in to Port Control

     a. In upper right select Login

     b. Enter username and password

     c. Select Checkbox to accept terms

     d. Select Login

3. The Activity/Permit page is displayed

4. Follow the instructions below

*  Go here to see a map and list of terminals:

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